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The all new SYNERGY 6 has very innovative features you won’t find in any other paramotor including Fuel in Frame system, Thumb Activated Throttle and much more... Kits ready to fly in a couple hours... lighter than ever!


  • Adjustable cage diameter w telescopic tubes. Accepts 51" prop
  • Cage hoop can be doubled for extra strength. Double hoop made of fiberglass Rods ...very strong!
  • All straps, fuel lines and wires hidden in the frame!
  • Fits in a 20” suitcase, includes split leg harness + Split propeller
  • Very user friendly and safe Thumb activated throttle
  • Very easy to run and sit comfortably right after take off
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Weighs only 22Kg with Polini 130 and 20 Kg w Thor80
  • No Aluminum fatigue, no weld fatigue, reliable!
  • Up to 3 gallons fuel capacity with in flight fuel info!
  • Great Weight shift and suspension system
  • Easiest to maintain  (engine can be removed in minutes)
  • Easily repairable with locally sourced parts
  • Telescopic poles can be reused even after break by removing the broken section and expending it!
  • Well protected Fuel tank can never be impacted by a propeller
  • Excellent for tandem operation especially with lightweight APCO split leg harness and thumb throttle
  • No more headaches fixing bent tubes after a bad landing thanks to HDPE plastic feet! It flexes, not break!
  • Side reserve parachute and storage pockets available
  • Harness goes vertical & out of the way for easy take off & landing. Easy to run with it because of its high center of mass


    Synergy Paramotor in suitcase with Apco harness

Fit your SYNERGY + ITV Paraglider in those 2 suitcases!!


So simple to maintain that you can assemble it yourself. Our design will please pilots all over the world because parts that you may damage after a less than elegant landing are easily found at your local sport store. And after reading some accident reports, we do have the best safety features including the commonly called crumple zone with flexible rounded edges. No  tubes or sharp edges in contact with the pilot that could perforate you and our fuel reservoir is soft like race cars designer use. Safety and ease of use for solo or tandem is our goal!


The Price ... See KITS Page


If you happen to have your own engine and propeller, complete frames + Bladder + harness ready to fly... go for only $2000 or less



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We also offer the Moster from Vittorazzi and other brands!

We also sell Paragliding equipment, offer Paramotor and Paragliding lessons and we are based in Malibu California. We also have similar services in Costa Rica


Our Previous SYNERGY model is available in KITS starting at only $4000 complete with Wood propeller ready to fly!

Polini Thor Engines are available with or without our Paramotors

(price vary with the EURO - USD exchange)





Polini thor engines motor Paramotor engines dealer ENGINES  Ultralight aircrafts



All Polini engines come complete with fuel line, spacers, nuts and bolts!


RETAIL          ENGINES for Paramotors and Ultralight aircrafts

(Based on 1.05 Euro)

$2,597                THOR 80 LC CARBURETOR CP Ø21

$2,631                THOR 80 LC WALBRO WG8         Only 11.2 Kg and generates > 17HP!

$2,415                THOR 130 CARB.24

$2,370                THOR 130 WALBRO WG8

$2,472                THOR 190 EVO

$2,778                THOR 190 EVO WITH CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH

$2,858                THOR 190 EVO WITH ELECTRIC STARTER


$2,869                THOR 200 EVO CARB.28

$3,209                THOR 200 EVO ELECTRIC CARB.28

$2,835                THOR 200 EVO WALBRO WB37

$3,198                THOR 200 EVO ELECTRIC WALBRO WB37

$3,311                THOR 250 LC CARB.28

$3,651                THOR 250 LC ELECTRIC CARB.28

$4,184                THOR 250 LC DUAL SPARK


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