We now have 2 innovative Paramotors


Model 6 Kits are ready to fly in just a few hours

if you know how to tighten nuts and bolts!



Complete Paramotor Packages & Kits


  1. SYNERGY 6 with Polini Thor130 wood propeller complete for only $5000    NOW Carbon propeller included!
  2. SYNERGY 6 with Polini Thor130 + Apco Split-leg harness + wood propeller + ITV Boxer  all ready to fly for only    $7600
  3. SYNERGY 6 with Polini Thor130 + Apco Split-leg harness + wood propeller + ITV Stewart tandem + ITV passenger harness      $8800
  4. SYNERGY 6 Kit Must have the engine and propeller,  $2000  includes: throttle, harness ready to fly!  Electric Paramotor ready!
  5. SYNERGY 6 Kit Includes the frame + Bladder + cage + net + spreader bars     $1500   Perfect for those who use a disposable paramotor
  6. Engines: Many other engines are compatible with our frames and propellers
  7. 3 Gallon bladder $80  (it rolls compact and allows you to travel anywhere)  $120.00
  8. APCO harness side reserve pocket zip on $60 and or Side pocket $40 additional
  9. Carbon fiber Propeller  $350 or add $200 to the Kits above
  10. Wood Propeller  $200 included in Kit 1,2,3 above
  11. Compact carrying case  $125  to fit the whole Paramotor!
  12. APCO Helmet with Earmuffs  $195
  13. Netting $30
  14. Thumb activated Throttle $100
  15. Carabiners $48 for 2
  16. Telescopic poles $12 each
  17. Fiberglass Rod 24" length $6 and assembled with Ferrule and joint $10 each
  18. Plastic black Hoop $12 ready to slide over the FG rods




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We now offer DIY kits where you can assemble it by yourself and save BIG.

Buy 10 @ $450 each or 25 for only $10,000


  • KIT 1 includes aluminum parts $500   FREE with the purchase of any ITV paraglider
  • KIT 2 includes  Kit 1 plus nuts and bolts, pulley, wheels, netting and more... $650
  • KIT 3 includes Kit 2 plus throttle control $750
  • KIT 4 includes Kit 3 plus harness           $1250
  • KIT 5 includes kit 4 plus engine and wood propeller for only $4000  COMPLETE!!
  • Aluminum Fuel Caps $50 extra (regular plastic caps included)
  • Note that the Frame acts as a fuel tank and weighs only 15 lb!
  • Add $400 to all Kits above for welded frames                                       BUY A KIT HERE














Aluminum Parts are available but not welded, you will save on shipping!


The frame is also the fuel tank! The large tubes and center part contain 2 gallons.

The user friendly  throttle is activated by your thumb. Amazingly user friendly!


For those who purchased an older SYNERGY model used and want to upgrade to more recent design,

we offer this Kit for only $300 and it includes 2 Spreader tubes or bars, 1 threaded ABS + 1 Aluminum fuel caps, Smaller more ergonomic Thumb throttle, 2 shackles. See CAD drawing above.

IT FLIES SUPERBLY, especially with the ITV Boxer, Boxer GT, Dolpo or Billy paraglider




For example we can analyze the average paramotor with their low external gasoline jug similar to go-karts only a few inches from a propeller that revolves at thousands of RPM. Serious problems or even death by fire can occur after a bad landing.


Plus having the gasoline jug at the lower back of their frames, makes it feel much heavier. Basic engineering!


The average throttle has a lever positioned such that with minor mistake during take off or landing and even during warm up can cause serious injuries. Ours is thumb operated... logical!


If safety is a concern to you, consider our innovative and proven concepts!!