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Meta Conversion API – No, the Meta Pixel isn’t necessary anymore!

Technology plays an important role in our daily job as marketers, almost everything we do, to a certain extent, is related to technology. Technology continuously evolves and we should do so with it.

Media Tag Management Automation


Media tracking is important, the budget spent in media campaigns of the vast majority of multinational companies is enormous, failing to measure it properly could lead to bad decisions affecting the overall performance of the business.

Google Analytics 4


Each Google Analytics version is just an updated reflection of the digital marketing industry. GA4 seeks to solve cross-device user identification challenges in a privacy driven times.

Server-side Tag Management


Server side tagging is a clear improvement over client side tagging. Server side improves data security and reduces page load times, two very important topics that directly affects your business.

Third Party Cookie Replacement II


Targeting is fundamental. It has changed the way marketing is understood. It has shifted marketing from mass broadcast advertising to a more smart focused Ad exposure.

Third Party Cookie Replacement


The phase out of third party cookies in Chrome will mainly affect your web display media activities. Chrome aims for a sustainable and more secure web advertising ecosystem.

Browser Fingerprinting


Browser Fingerprinting is a technique that uses your browser characteristics to uniquely identify you.