Data & Analytics

Data and analytics are helping marketers make informed decisions to improve business outcomes – we can show you how.
The collection and classification of data, how it’s maintained and governed, how it’s integrated with different technologies and how it’s visualized, analyzed and activated is our speciality. Our marketers, analysts and engineers have done this before.

Web & App Measurement

Collecting data on your digital platforms with web and app analytics enables your business to understand user behavior, derive insights and take action to make data-driven decisions. Whether you need an audit, a new implementation, or a reconfiguration our team of experts can help.

Measurement Framework

We create a custom measurement plan uniquely tailored to your website/app with a detailed understanding of what user actions and data are valuable to your business. All events/actions and associated data points are researched and translated to an actionable framework for implementation or reconfiguration.

Implementation & Configuration

Our team of tracking experts works alongside your internal marketing and IT teams to keep you updated whilst we implement the selected platform and configure it so that your business can access the correct reports, insights and data they need to understand user behavior.

Data Engineering

Data engineering is the backbone of any successful data-driven organization. We support our clients building, maintaining and optimizing data pipelines, integrating data sources, automating workflows and ensuring data quality and consistency. Streamline your data operations and unlock the true potential of your data for marketing use cases with our infrastructure solutions.

Data Architecture Design

Our team of engineers have experience in designing and building robust and scalable architectures to ensure all data is flowing accurately and efficiently throughout an organisations infrastructure.

Big Data Storage

Whether you are exploring auditing your existing set up or need support migrating to a new solution our team have experience implementing and configuring Data Warehouses, Data Lakes and Data Marts to meet your business demands.

Visualization & Insights

Do you know what you want to see but don’t know where to start? Our data visualization projects include everything from data source identification, KPI and metrics evaluation, wireframing, design and build using tools that work for your business and tailored to how you want to see your data displayed. Our insights and analysis service identifies key trends and helps you to surface the insights relevant for your business.

Data Discovery

We work with you to identify what data sources you have available, where there may be gaps and what you want to be able to analyze and report on, so that your dashboards bring meaningful insights to your business.

Wireframing & Build

With alignment on KPIs and business critical data, we create wireframes and refine the design with your team’s input. Next, we commence the dashboard build, iteratively working together so that you receive an end product that allows for easy analysis.

Data Quality & Governance

Having trust that the data you have is of high quality, reliable, accurate and complete allows organizations to act with confidence when making important business decisions. Ensuring that your data is managed effectively, securely and that appropriate standardization and classification policies and procedures are followed is key. Uptimal have years of experience in applying these principles to ensure our clients are set up for success.

Data Audit

Our comprehensive data quality screening identifies how your data is collected, stored, and processed, to identify inaccuracies, errors or gaps and provides a list of prioritised tasks to address them.

Policies & Procedures

We help organisations take control of the availability, useability, integrity, and security of their data to ensure consistent and trustworthy data that helps optimize business and marketing processes.

Advanced Analytics & Data Science

Our team of data scientists, engineers and analysts help our clients to transform from reactive to future thinking, future ready. We build custom attribution models, conduct statistical product analysis and create and implement ML models for sentiment analysis, churn prediction, lead scoring and more. Whatever the request, our data science and advanced analytics function can assist our clients operations and support business growth.

Simplifying the complex

Tell us what you want to anticipate about the future or predict for your business and leave the heavy lifting to our team of data scientists who will design the algorithm that fits best with your data and desired outcomes.

Leverage Technology

For marketing purposes, ML and AI are only valuable in what outcome they allow us to achieve. Our advanced analytics engineers and data scientists have experience with the latest AI and ML technologies and use these as enablers to solve real business questions.

Customer Analysis & Activation

Becoming a customer centric organization requires an understanding of the customer at every level of the business. We help you analyze and segment your audiences to create personalized experiences based on their intent, interests, behaviors and other signals in order to better understand and communicate with them. Personalized experiences, experimentation and activation on these audiences is the fuel to drive businesses forward – we have seen it.


Our team can support your business with customer insight generation with a suite of extensive research, powerful analytics and world class tools. Customer surveys, online web scraping, competitor benchmarking and growth mapping are some of the areas we can support.

Activation & Optimisation

We help you to create data-driven audience activation, experimentation and optimisation approaches with your customers. From strategy through to technical implementation, our teams have the expertise to deliver.