Digital Headhunting

At Uptimal, we aim to be an extension of your team and our mission is to identify an approach that helps you solve business pain points and drive business success across your recruitment function. Our areas of expertise include Digital, Data & Tech.

Permanent Placement

Finding the right talent at the necessary time can be challenging. Are you looking for a reliable talent partner that understands your needs and provides global & top quality candidates?

Hiring manager time saving

We ensure that our candidates are technically excellent. During our Tech Assessment Center we run candidates through a variety of questions and test cases conducted by our consultants with real experience in the field. This avoids back and forths with hiring managers. We don’t waste time by presenting candidates who don’t meet the desired skills.

Human resources partnership

Uptimal’s soft skills screening process ensures that the candidates we put forward are a good cultural fit and that their salary expectations are aligned with the given ranges. We also support the hiring admin tasks to assure a smooth onboarding process for the internal HR team.

Executive Search

As a headhunting boutique, our senior partners have been the first choice for companies looking to find C-level executives. We know how to approach passive candidates whilst having an extensive database and tools to find the right leaders for your organization.

Curated connections

Personal relationships give us unique access to the best candidates and insights. Our relationships let us work exclusively on a referral basis.

Repeated collaborations

More than 95% of our clients retain us for additional searches.

Tailored Formulas

Group hiring, early talent programs, HUB creation… Our certified experts have proven experience designing ad hoc programs in a variety of industries and possess exceptional skills to accompany you to manage your team’s success.

Agile sourcing

Our multi-hire solutions aim at organizations who need to quickly enroll multiple new hirings..


If you are looking for digital talent, we may have already identified your potential new hirings, followed their development and familiarized ourselves with their career objectives. This knowledge allow us to make perfect matches.

Temporary Solutions

Whether you need to hire an interim executive, a technology contractor, a freelance web developer, a creative or a digital marketing specialist who can start immediately, our temporary services are ideal as we won’t let the absence of personnel affect your business.


We constantly expand our contract and interim consultant teams, networking globally to find the best freelance talent.


We collaborate with you on the development of your company’s employee value proposition (EVP), gaining a deep understanding of who you are, as well as incorporating your company’s vision and strategy into the hiring process.

Our approach with candidates

We are successful in delivering results because we treat our clients and candidates with the same high degree of consideration.

We speak the same language

We are up to date with the market’s trends so that we can hold steady and meaningful conversations.

We value true people

We take personal skills into account. This is the only way to fit a candidate into a new project like a glove.

We are responsive

Whatever the outcome, we always provide valuable feedback.

We stay in touch

We build relationships thinking about the long term.

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