Growth Strategy

We help our clients transform their business through the intelligent use of data, technology, and analytics to drive measurable growth.

Let us guide you and address your business challenges through our strategic consulting services where we collaborate with your team to develop playbooks, roadmaps, and provide maturity assessments with actionable steps and outcomes across data, people, processes, and technology.

Data & Analytics Strategy

A comprehensive data and analytics strategy lays the foundation for modern marketers and analysts’ success and gives direction and alignment for business stakeholders to ensure the organization is working towards the same common goals and objectives – lets help you define it. Whether that’s upgrading existing infrastructure or tools, improving processes, or simply managing your data better we have the experience.

Independent Assessment

Our team of consultants have a wealth of experience in the field and will investigate your business’s data/analytics usage and ways of working, benchmark against competitors and identify areas of opportunity.

Clear Outcomes

Uptimal’s data and analytics strategy engagements work collaboratively with your team to provide clear next steps to achieve the identified objectives. We will uncover what success looks like for your organization and help you get there.

Cloud Data Architecture

Data volumes are growing exponentially, and business needs are changing constantly, this is clear. Today’s enterprises need modern, scalable data infrastructures to adapt and remain competitive – and cloud is the solution.


We work with your team to identify where your data is stored, and how it is currently being used. Let us investigate and make recommendations to remove the legacy systems holding your business back.

Migration & Solution Design

Our team of experts understand that each business is different, so we tailor our approach to advise, design, and deploy data architecture and infrastructure specific to your needs. Our cloud migration plans help you move from on-premises and outdated systems to leverage cloud technologies and unlock data processing power, increase security, and make your infrastructure more reliable. Already using the cloud? We can support you to make sure you are maximising its value.


We appreciate that manual processes can be costly, reduce business productivity, and are prone to human error which is why we help our clients automate their operational and marketing tasks. Give your team the freedom and time to focus on what matters, shifting their workload from tedious and repetitive tasks, to strategy and innovation.


Let’s identify the pain points in your business where automation can improve processes and outcomes. Our consulting workshops identify areas of the business that can be improved through automation, such as marketing campaign activation, business reporting, or data collection and management.


Through our technical expertise, we implement and maintain automated solutions with bespoke tools, scripts and using APIs, freeing up your team to work on tasks with more business impact. We also provide training to your internal teams to ensure they are well equipped to understand the new processes and how it benefits their work.

Customer Experience

Looking at a business holistically is key to delivering first class customer experiences and ultimately driving growth. At Uptimal our team of experts have the technical expertise to advise on the tools and technology as enablers, but also the commercial and big picture thinking to really understand the business challenges and opportunities to improve the overall customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty across the complete user journey.

Customer Journey Analysis

We will look at how your business currently interacts with its customers across touchpoints from awareness to advocacy and online and offline channels. Outlining all the touchpoints, customer pain points, and how we measure and analyse each stage of the customer journey we will identify where the experience may become siloed and disjointed.

Ideal Future State

How do you want the customer to experience your brand? We will work with your internal team to map out what the ideal future state looks like and provide a roadmap with actionable steps across technology, processes, and people with a focus on media, analytics, data and CRM. Our teams have the technical expertise to guide and support with the implementation of the strategy too.