We're looking for... Senior QA Tester | Hybrid | 75 – 80k EUR

To join one of our client’s team.

Who are we?

Uptimal is a Non-traditional & Independent Digital Talent Boutique

Who are we hiring for?

Software Development firm


Remote (Belgium)

The position

An experienced Lead or Senior QA Engineer that has a strong enthusiasm for enhancing test data, UAT data, etc. would be a good fit for this new full-time, permanent position. The successful person will start off by working with each product team and eventually transition into a dedicated position within one of the product teams.

What you will do

  • Participation in a CI/CD pipeline’s technical design, implementation, and automated test
  • Drive the business ahead in terms of “how we develop good test data” by taking the initiative to produce quality test data
  • Creating and delivering completely automated tests that work with all software deliverables and traverse service boundaries
  • Working together with the business, the BA team, automation engineers, and developers, design BDD/TDD tests
  • Strong skills in exploratory testing and a proven ability to produce automated tests that ensure the integration of various systems beyond API boundaries

What you will need

  • Able to set priorities, control workload, and reliably complete tasks on schedule
  • Capable of thriving in an agile workplace
  • Experience in testing data validation scenarios and Data ingestion, pipelines, and transformation processes (e.g.,ETL) (min. 4 years)
  • Knowledge of big data engineering tools and their potential for strategic application (e.g. Spark, Hive, Hadoop, Dask)
  • Shown proficiency with automated testing software, ideally Python
  • Having knowledge of information governance concepts and how to use them in a testing capacity
  • Experience automating tests using a variety of platforms and technologies, and knowledge of how to use it throughout the entire development lifecycle

Salary & Conditions

  • Career progression and opportunities
  • Salary estimated: 75 – 80k EUR
  • Remote work!
  • Pension Scheme
  • Frequent training will help you advance your knowledge and interpersonal abilities
  • A setting where cooperation, assistance, information exchange, independence, and a sense of responsibility are valued highly