Mars Pet Nutrition – FMCG

Data Visualization
for a global FMCG

“If we want to be competitive, we must base our desicioning across all areas based on data, from supply chain to financing and marketing.”


Mars Pet Nutrition were struggling to get a holistic picture of their Digital Media performance and needed a way to consolidate data from disparate sources across geographies, internal teams and agency partners. They wanted to be able to view media data in real-time, derive insights and monitor performance to maximize media efficiency and effectiveness, which the legacy dashboard did not allow them to do.


Data Visualization, Data Transformation, Consulting Services


Accurate data,
great Insights

Uptimal worked with Mars to create a set of dashboards which enabled internal teams to maximize their respective budgets and make optimization decisions through the insight and transparency that the dashboards

After aligning on the business critical KPIs and industry benchmarks with Mars’ internal teams we began with wireframing and ETL. Subsequently, we commenced the build of the dashboard in Salesforce Datorama,
iteratively working in sprints and updating based on feedback.

  • Data Integration

    We used Salesforce Datorama for ETL processes to ensure data from multiple sources was relaible, accurate and fit for purpose.

  • Wireframing and UI design

    We collaborated with key business stakeholders to understand what data was important, but also how they wanted to see it expressed so that insights were apparent and actionable.

  • Consultation

    We advised on what metrics and dimensions should be included based on the business requirements, and trained different stakeholders on how to best use and derive insight from the

“Finding a way to operate on a custom
basis considering the exact needs of
Mars and the integration of data
sources into a unique full fledge
vision has been the key to truly
have an impact on the improvement
of Mars business goals.”

Firoz Khan

Senior Data Engineer


Goals accomplished!

Mars internal teams have now visibility at a global level and the ability to deep dive into digital media performance and optimize budgets across markets, platforms,
audiences and more.


ad accounts integrated


of non optimzed media spend identified


stakeholders using the dashboard

of non optimzed media spend identified

ad accounts integrated

stakeholders using the dashboard