Volkswagen – Financial Services

CRO Strategy &

“We want to maximize the conversion potential of our websites through a data-driven approach to CRO.”


The financial services division of the Volkswagen Group contacted Uptimal to understand how they could improve the conversion rate for leasing enquiries and sign-ups on their subsidiary websites.

They wanted to understand why and how to optimize the UX to increase completed enquiries.

Their websites were struggling to convert visitors into customers and had several issues that were hindering conversion, such as a confusing navigation structure and poor mobile optimization. Without a CRO strategy in place they lacked a way to be able to optimise their website’s customer acquisition performance. Visitors were struggling to find what they were looking for and became frustrated or abandoned the site altogether.


Personalization, Testing, CRO, Digital Analytics


Increased revenue and
and better user experience

Uptimal approached the challenges that Volkswagen was facing with a data-driven and results-focused mindset. Our team of experts conducted a comprehensive analysis across all Volkswagen Financial Services websites to identify areas for improvement to then develop a holistic optimization strategy to boost conversions and increase ROI.

We not only improved individual elements on the websites, such as call-to-actions and forms, but also examined how these elements worked together to create a seamless user experience.

We used cutting-edge technologies and client’s existing data analysis tools to accurately measure the impact of the optimization efforts and make data-driven decisions. Our commitment to transparency and communication ensured the alignment of all the involved stakeholders, which was critical for the success of the project.

  • Data Driven Hypothosis

    We undertook a detailed review of Adobe Analytics to understand where the potential opportunities were based on what the existing data was telling us about user behaviour.

  • UI Redesign

    Thanks to our team’s previous experience and ‘Know How’ in UX and UI best practices we were able to design and implement a number of (AB) tests which we predicted would deliver a seamless user experience and increase conversions. Our hypothesis was subsequently proven correct!

  • Test Ideation

    Following the data deep dive we were able to propose to Volkswagen a roadmap of tests and priority solutions that helped them drive maximum business value and ROI.

“We are proud to have made a lasting
impact on Volkswagen Financial Services
websites through our CRO services. Our
data-driven approach resulted in a
significant increase in conversions
and ROI.”


Senior Data Engineer


Goals accomplished!

Thanks to a well-executed CRO strategy, a series of goals aimed at improving website conversion rates have been accomplished.


incremental completion rate for leasing enquiries


projected annual revenue increase


reduction in bounce rate

incremental completion rate for leasing enquiries

projected annual revenue increase

reduction in bounce rate