Performance Marketing

We take our background and experience in data, analytics and technology to create best in class performance marketing for our clients.
Approaching media planning, buying and campaign activation from this lens allows us to truly make sense of the numbers and take a data driven approach to digital marketing to deliver high ROI for our clients. Explore our services to see how we can support.


We deliver programmatic display campaigns for our clients to help businesses reach their target audiences at the right time, with the right message, in the right place. Our services include defining our target audience, media and placement planning, campaign creation and optimisation. Our digital experts have experience across a range of DSPs and automated media platforms to execute efficient, high performing and transparent display and video campaigns.


Our programmatic experts understand the nuances of various DSPs, ad servers and the wider AdTech landscape required to run best in class campaigns. We use a combination of leading industry technologies and our own bespoke tools to deliver programmatic display, video and audio for our clients.

Data Driven Planning & Activation

We combine marketing strategy with data and analytics to create plans and optimise media buying according to what the data is telling us.

Paid Search

Search engine marketing is one of the most effective ways a business can turn customer intent into measurable business outcomes. We bring our data driven approach to what we know about our prospects and customers, to tailor messaging, targeting and automation to scale campaigns and be highly relevant to the user’s query, in turn reflecting in our campaign performance and business results.

Full Funnel Approach

We look at SEM with a full funnel approach ensuring that our strategy and campaign structures engage users across their buying journey to support the wider marketing efforts of our clients.


Where possible we like to automate. After all, we are engineers, not just marketers. We strive to find a balance to apply just the right of automation to processes that frees up our team’s time to focus on what can really drive campaign success.

Paid Social

Capitalizing on paid social advertising requires an agile approach due to the changing nature of the medium and consideration for the customer lifecycle must be a priority to communicate with segmented content, creative and targeting. We work to identify the most relevant platforms for your target audience, carefully considering their consumption habits, whilst planning and making optimisations accordingly.


Our approach to social media platforms selection for our clients’ campaigns are grounded in data. If you have historical data, we ensure to incorporate this into our planning with our own audience insights tools and continue to rely on data driven insights to make budget adjustments as required.

Creative Test & Learn

At Uptimal, we have seen that creativity has perhaps the greatest impact of all levers when it comes to social campaign performance. We encourage our clients to test and test again and create frameworks and roadmaps for analysis to use learnings to continue to improve performance.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is uniquely positioned to support the customer’s experience at every stage of the journey – from growing brand awareness and increasing consideration, to driving transactional intent and loyalty. We have a team of SEO experts with experience across the many facets of SEO including technical, content creation, optimisation and authority and link building.


Our team of dedicated SEO specialists use a suite of tools and know-how to ensure your website ranks organically and gains visibility to grow your online presence. Page speed, URL structure and indexation management are just a few of the areas our team supports.


We create compelling, search engine optimized copy through extensive research and prioritize relevancy, search volume and value to ensure we grow your organic presence effectively.


Amazon is the fastest growing ad revenue ad platform and more than 50% of today’s shoppers turn to Amazon when searching for a new product to buy. We bring you the expertise of our team of ecommerce specialists to support you with managing the numerous aspects of the Amazon ad platform across paid display and search, whilst also managing your product listings and storefront SEO.

Leveraging Audiences

Our team of performance marketers are experts when it comes to ecommerce advertisers and appreciate the importance of rich audiences for campaign success. For our retail customers, we use the full suite and capabilities of Amazon Ads, DSP and their marketing cloud offering to tap into high intent audiences.

Store Optimisation

We create, manage and optimize retailer’s Amazon stores, ensuring they are optimized for search results, visually compelling and informative and primed to deliver high conversion rates when customers are ready to purchase.